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API 685 Heavy Duty
Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

Sealless Mag Drive Pumps per API 685

First Introduced in 2000 the API 685 standard describes requirements for sealless centrifugal pumps for petroleum, heavy-duty chemical, and gas industry services. API 685 is the sealless pump equivalent to API 610, which is well known and accepted as industry standard for sealed centrifugal pumps for many years.

Klaus Union's SLM-AVP range provides a complete line of heavy duty sealless magnetic drive pumps conforming to API 685 requirements.

By eliminating the requirement for costly mechanical shaft seals and complicated seal flush plans Klaus Union's SLM-AVP range provides a more reliable, safer and more cost effective solution for many critical applications – 100 % emission free.

SLM-AVP - Sealless flexibility for heavy-duty services

A wide variety of over 30 available AVP-hydraulics from a 1.5X1X6 to a 16X16X20 cover flow rates up to 18,000 GPM sealless – ideal for handling critical liquids where leakage cannot be tolerated.

Key Benefits - Klaus Union's Sealless Advantage

  • High reliability - low cost of ownership
    No mechanical seal, no complicated seal support system
  • No emission inspection & reporting required
    Exclusion from fugitive monitoring requirement of the Clean Air Act
  • Safety first with real dual containment & secondary control system
    Double-wall isolation shell and dry-running gas seal for maximum safety and environmental protection

Double-wall isolation shell provides real dual containment

Secondary control system with dry-running gas seal

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