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High System Pressure
Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

High system pressure applications require much attention, especially when leakage to the atmosphere cannot be tolerated. Many problems can be traced back to mechanical seal failures, resulting in costly repairs and downtime.

By eliminating the mechanical shaft seal of a conventional centrifugal pump, Klaus Union’s sealless magnetic drive pump series SLM-NVH provides a more reliable, safer and more cost effective solution for high system pressure applications – 100 % emission free.

A double mechanical seal and the required high pressure sealing system are more expensive, less reliable and require constant maintenance.

By design, Klaus Union’s sealless magnetic drive pumps require very little maintenance, providing many years of trouble-free service – even under extreme conditions. Merely two oil-lubricated ball bearings, supporting the outer magnet carrier in the drive frame, require simple maintenance.

SLM-NVH - Sealless up to 5800 PSI and 752 °F

Heavy duty forged casings, titanium isolation shells and high performance samarium cobalt magnetic couplings are key components enabling us to handle system pressures up to 5800 psi (400 bar) and temperatures up to 752 ºF (400 ºC) sealless – no external cooling is required.

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Key Benefits – Klaus Union’s Sealless Advantage

  • Lower investment costs – compared to pumps equipped with pressurized mechanical sealing systems
  • Eliminating the mechanical seal increases reliability and avoids costly repairs and downtime
  • Low maintenance design reduces life cycle costs
  • Operating sealless up to 5,800 PSI and 752 ºF – no external cooling required
  • Insulating the pump makes it safe and efficient – valuable heat energy stays inside the system
  • Modular interchangeability provides maximum flexibility
  • Over 60 years of experience and over 65,000 installed mag drive pumps