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Self-Priming Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

Self-priming pumps effectively solve many pumping problems in a wide variety of applications. Especially when handling toxic, explosive and other dangerous liquids, leakage must be avoided and self-priming applications require special attention.

Klaus Union's sealless self-priming magnetic drive pumps eliminate the mechanical shaft seal of a conventional pump and provide a more reliable, safer and more cost effective solution – self-priming and 100 % emission free.

Our family of modular magnetic drive pumps includes two self-priming designs, covering a broad range of applications.

SLM-SVO – Sealless self-priming multi-stage design

The barrel design of our regenerative turbine pump SLM-SVO (also known as side channel pump) eliminates o-rings or gaskets between each stage to avoid potential leak paths. The barrel design also allows jacketing the casing for heating or cooling purposes. The combination of up to 8 stages of radial vane impellers and a first centrifugal stage provide very low NPSHr values - as low as 1.5 feet.

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Key benefits - Klaus Union’s Sealless Advantage

  • High reliability – low cost of ownership
  • No mechanical seal - no complicated seal support system
  • No emission inspection & reporting required Exclusion from fugitive monitoring requirement of the Clean Air Act
  • Modular interchangeability provides maximum flexibility
  • Vacuum-tight design

SLM-SVO shown with optional jacketed casing and lantern for heating/cooling